Thursday, 2 August 2012


2nd Aug 2012

Back in London amidst all the Olympic hoo-hah which Boris Johnston appears to be enjoying so enormously reminds me of something. It was probably reflected in parts of the extremely long Games Opening Ceremony which I endured on TV. It was absolutely nothing to do with the superannuated, plastically enhanced, dyed and vocally challenged 'Sir' Paul McCartney. By the way, has anyone noticed how alike he now is to Ken Dodd ( without the sense of humour )? What a disastrous finale that was!
It was apparent to me on my extended travels that there are three aspects of the UK, and ONLY three, which are universally recognised, admired and enjoyed by the entire population of the world. I encountered this recognition from the subways of New York to the minority tribes in the north-west of Vietnam, on the steppes of Mongolia and poorest parts ofMexico, in the temples of Burma and on Red Square in Moscow, absolutely everywhere in fact. They are:
1. Premier League Football
2. The Royal Family
3. Mr Bean

Just thought I'd mention it.